Full Training

Full Training

Price: $700 per month
Four services a week, with a maximum of three lessons a week and one trainer ride for a horse in the program. This also includes three turn-outs a week.


Price: $550 per month
Two services a week, either lessons or trainer rides, plus clipping and mane pulling. For horses half-leased and boarding with Horserati, this also includes three turn-outs a week.


Price: $500 per month
Turn-out six days a week, plus daily grooming, clipping and mane pulling if desired. Blanketing is included. Perfect for the horse in his or her golden years.

More Programs

All our training programs can be held at our show rings, at the Horserati Horse Club, or in your country at your own club!

Horserati offers several ‘ready to go’ programs. Select a desired program from the list below:

  • Weekly Program: ALLROUND
  • Weekly Program: DRESSAGE
  • Weekly Program: JUMPING
  • Weekly Program: SPORT AND LEISURE
  • Competitions

If you prefer a custom-made program, we are more than happy to find the best program for you or your organization. Our equestrian camps for children aim to teach children about the magical world of horses. Our training weeks are fun, adventurous, full of learning and making new friends.

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